because we see ourselves relative to the world and because we see the world as larger than us.

When conditions change, we see it as happening because of us or as an attempt to minimize or harm us.

We feel less because it seems more!

Yes, it can cause you to see yourself as weak, inadequate, insecure, unfairly attacked, rejected, alone, compromised, and to rush to your own defense using whatever means available to you to stop the feelings.

  • you may get angry and lash out trying to suppress the new or retain the old
  • you may avoid the responsibility, even using chemicals to assist
  • you may try to satisfy it without first understanding it, a recipe for burnout
  • You may simply give in a let it master you

Yet, change is more naturally a part of life than you may believe, even though it may seem to come as

the volatile or unstable conditions that make a task become new, strange, or difficult.

at work, in academic pursuits, in family conflict, on the road, at leisure as nature’s relentless progress makes your best efforts seem puny or insufficient and familiar routines to become unexpectedly disturbed or displaced

the harsh or unkind word from another person

from a spouse or partner, family, friend, boss, colleague, or any stranger as other people express their differing opinions and perceptions naturally.

a feeling that permeates your body because of

an injury, unidentified pain, or unexpected illness that sidelines you or makes you weak or incapacitated, or just an alteration in mood that cannot be explained

an unexpected or undesired disruption

loss of a job, a marriage (divorce, breakup, death), loss of finances or financial stability, loss of home (sale, foreclosure, fire, theft), loss of academic standing, a promotion to a new and unprecedented responsibility, even a love that’s lost or disenchanted..

I want to show you that it is easier and more gratifying to immunize yourself to change by understanding it and understanding you than it is to find a more powerful way to nullify the change or stifle the feelings.

So you see, it is not the job, or the person or people.  It is not your foolishness.  It is change and how it affects your job, the person or people who then react – not necessarily to you or at you but within your presence.  To deal with these forces, you must first understand how change affects you and them to then affect you.

First, change will always occur, perpetually, ceaselessly, not because of you but in spite of you. So you need to know how to function with it, not protected from it.
Second, don’t you think that, when another person reacts directly to you, it is more because they are feeling overwhelmed or even threatened and are reacting to that even if it involves you? They are reacting to change either from you or just your presence, or perhaps totally disconnected from you. They are not managing. Isn’t it better to know how to rise above that than to also respond at the same level?

Everyone should be prepared – in the formative years –  to accept and face these challenges.

But not everyone has that preparation, or has it to the level demanded by the pace of change today.

You see, every imposition, even those you thought were unfair, is a natural part of life. The important ingredient is that you must be guided – with consideration – to be able to deal with them.  You feel the hurt when that guidance was insufficient.

This process, therefore, is unique and different because it focuses, not on the hurts, but on the guidance that was not provided, and giving that.  It sees present difficulties, not as the result of your inadequacy or the unfair impositions of life’s challenges, but as the RELATIVE balance between what you have to do and what you have to do it with.  It is easier to expand you for tomorrow than remove the pains of yesterday.

you simply have to work on you, not on life, to be able to rise to the occasion and manage with self-generated courage, confidence, and wisdom.

let me show you how…

The secret is to understand two major principles.


One is that life, our physical reality, exists on the basis of perpetual and uncompromising change.  Everything we can see and touch, (including our bodies, the revelation of other people’s hidden thoughts through their actions) exist as a manifestation of change, not in spite of it.


The other is that the mind is not just a simple function of the body or any part of it.  It is not less than the body or proportional to its size.  Instead, the mind can be stimulated to almost infinite heights by exploring the challenges presented by change while the body can be harmed by it.

I will walk you through these two principles and let them make sense to you.  Then I will show you how to use the power of the mind as a force distinct from and superior to the force of physical matter.

You become productive and happy because you will see the power that YOU ARE

and because you will learn to believe in the power that you are.

Look at the two methods I offer to help steer you on this journey of self-discovery and self-determination



Learn to be High on Life

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