Our method is to raise understanding to meet life on its terms, not constrain life so you can meet it on yours!

Our intent is to help you to feel content and satisfied with life, not just stop you from using.  You stop because you feel good within yourself and don’t want to lose that.

We do it by helping you make sense of change and adversity and of the useful messages from your feelings.  We do not try to block or contain any of these.  We only show you how to use them productively.

We do not dwell on getting you clean and leaving you to perpetual support.

We acknowledge that “stopping the bleed” may be an immediate concern, but we believe that it is just as urgent to address your feelings (even though they are not as visible).  We want to make THAT more enjoyable, not just manage your behaviour.

We focus on getting you strong – in areas where there are hidden or stifled flaws – and mend them prudently – from within.

We focus on steering you to manage your life in balance, discovering where and why YOU are weak, and plugging those holes.

Holes exist in everyone’s development no matter how educated, successful, or well-positioned you are – those who are excellent in one area may be insufficient in another.  But life is pervasive.  We all have to face all areas sometime.  So, even the most powerful, most successful person will face conditions that are outside of his/her comfort zone.

By acknowledging your flaws and correcting them, self-confidence, self-esteem and discernment will grow and you will be less inclined to seek artificial release. You won’t need it.

This allows us to

step away from the established norm of being your counsellor, therapist or supervisor.  We are not your master and you are not our project.

show you that the lack of logical options does not mean you are bad, foolish or ill.  They are just not at the forefront at some times and in some situations. Thus the wise can be as dumbfounded in unfamiliar territory as does the naïve.

follow a stratagem recognizing that everyone relies on instinct and physical strengths that allow us to manage defensively until we develop the mental fortitude to create logical solutions, especially in adverse or strange conditions.  Thus, we can excuse an unhealthy behaviour as only the effect of using instinct when logic or reason is insufficient for a particular experience.

see that instinctual attributes, though useful and healthy when we are under duress or when we are still excusably underdeveloped as in childhood, become unhealthy and destructive when we are adult with adult expectations.

show that it is the reliance on childish soothers applied with adult accesses that  introduces experiences that can become addictive.  (drinking cola as a child versus drinking beer as the adult)

promote and teach the strategy that everything – physical matter, our own bodies, the thoughts and feelings of other people – exists on the basis of continuous and imperceptive change and that we all have the capacity to deal with them intelligently, but we must identify and develop those experiences.

show you how to empower yourself to build your logical options so that it fills the areas of emptiness that are your weakness and have that go away by attrition.

It is up to you.  You can focus on abstinence through supervised restraint and rely on support the rest of your life.

Or you can wake yourself up, admit that, as a human, you have flaws, discover them, fix them, and be the master of your life – without continued support or protection.  We all need comfort.  You will just know how to get it, share it, and enjoy it with passion and discernment.

If you wish to be master of your life and live rather than be the protégé of another and survive, let us help you find the light.  Just remember,

It is impossible to remove darkness; it is only possible to introduce more light.

If it’s your desire, let us guide you to enlighten yourself more.

to take the road less travelled.

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