A Troubled Youth

does not always look like this

Do you want to help your youth

before that is manifest?

or even after?

Youth are still building experience. Therefore, by inference, it is insufficient. Yet, the reality they have to face is more tumultuous, more expansive, and more invasive than ever before. So they feel the pressure from what they call “the noises” and revert to natural defenses rather than purposeful management – too often, too readily, and too intensely. Natural defenses are the fight, flight, fright, frolic options and are manifested in the behaviors depicted above.

They do not know how to face the turmoil. Fixing it for them won’t work as they still need to know how to function in the reality that will confront them going forward.

Thus, we must first show them how to build a personal strength that allows them to feel secure no matter what the world throws at them. This is not as difficult as it seems but it can only be done through logic and intelligent examination. We provide you with the means to read behind their defensive behaviours (rather than react to them naturally), engage in challenging discussions that invite their participation, and influence them without raising their fetters because you relate top them at their level in THEIR reality.

Youth only want that which makes sense, not empirically, but practically for their world.

it is tough for them because they lack understanding in areas of life they don’t know but have to face.

No one can ever know enough in a life that is


and inconsistent

and unpredictable

So to overcompensate, run away, or rebel are normal and natural responses.

They only become unnatural when they are used too often, too readily, and too intensely, a situation that is imposed on youth today.

And you can only prevent or reverse that if you know how to help them through the minefield of today’s challenging reality.

you must show them how to understand and embrace it.

let us show you how to help your youth.

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