When things go bad, when another person is reacting with hostility or indifference, when life just seems too confusing or too demanding…

Are you able to step back, analyze the situation and create a solution without feeling compromised?

Do you instead react with indifference, get angry or manipulative, or try harder to please without understanding the reason for the demands?

Do you feel overwhelmed and beaten, and just give in to despair and existential emptiness?

Do you know that it is this struggle that can be part of anyone’s life and cause you to feel lost, lonely, overwhelmed, or unfairly targeted?

Do you know that the same struggle can cause you to fail, to become emotionally or physically unwell, or to seek solace in the use of drugs (prescription or designer), alcohol, sexual promiscuity, gambling, or the embrace and support of others that may offer fleeting reprieve but keep you in the existential hole they help you evade?

If you want to get out of a slump and practice good management or help a loved one do so, learn how to step back, analyze any situation as it arises, and create a solution with determination and poise.

It is in each person, how you deal with a reality that is always changing, always presenting new, unprecedented, or even undesirable conditions. Bad things WILL happen. A loving spouse WILL be dissatisfied. Times WILL be tough.

Great capacity and flexibility is within every human being. We are all born with reactive instincts.  We are all born, however, with the capability to rise above them using understanding we build, brick by brick.

When, however, things change, anyone can be challenged outside of their range of understanding, and struggle to stay balanced. Then, we react with instinct, but if we use understanding, even impossible conditions will seem easy. We must know how to reach for that understanding, build it for the new condition, and be prepared again to build it for the next presentation of even the same condition.

Look, it is easy to treat the emotional pain or even the physical illness with medicine or soothe them with distractions (partying, gambling, shopping, sex, drinking, recreational drugs).  It is harder but more gratifying to know how to rise to any challenge, face it with authority from within, and do because you feel good rather than seek to feel good from having done.

Want to Save Yourself?

First, look at


This is an invitation to those who want to move forward with confidence, not just remove a habit or treat a condition in isolation.

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