When things go bad, when another person is reacting with hostility or indifference, when you just have too much to do…

Are you able to step back, analyze the situation and create a solution without feeling compromised?

Do you instead react with indifference, get angry or manipulative, or try harder to please without understanding the reason for the demands?

Do you feel overwhelmed and beaten, and just give in to your troubles?

Do you know that it is this feeling of being compromised that can lead you seek reprise in drink, drugs (prescribed or bought), or to feel emotionally empty?

If you want to give yourself a management edge, look for the source of the problem.

It is in you. Life is always changing. Bad things will happen. A loving spouse will be dissatisfied. Friends may not always be supportive. That’s life.

Great capacity and flexibility is within every human being. Understanding is power. When things change, you are challenged outside of your range of understanding… until you understand it. Then, even impossible conditions seem easy. But you must know how to reach for that understanding, build it as conditions change. It is easy. Let me show you.

I will not tell you what to do. I can’t.  I will, however, share a formula with you that you can use when you are facing some of the most challenging moments that seem to deplete your inner strength, get it back up, and take charge with your own authority.

Are you interested?

This is an invitation to those who want to move forward with confidence, not just remove a habit or treat a condition in isolation.

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