This unique program is  designed to empower you to be insightful in times of change and also to see more clearly into the fears and limitations of those in your care

and so relate to them with flexibility, integrity, and discernment.

One cannot manage something effectively unless one understands it fully.  The variables within another person’s mind can be as dark to your understanding as are the invisible activities that form and distort reality.

Understanding, however, is not just the acquisition of information. Rather, it is the enlightenment that comes when you are in tune with something, can see its evolution and can calculate why it happens and how it will change. It comes with the belief in yourself that you can generate new insights on the fly by always being prepared to look for new information, not by being filled with knowledge of what the ideal should be.

The discourses allow me to give you a formula so you can always build your own insights and make them yours. That way you take over and manage in situations you previously found trying. You simply lead your life differently with self-generated insight and discernment.

Usually you go to a family therapist to help with a marriage or family discord, consultants for a business problem, or a pastor or physician for personal issues. This assumes that another person may have a vision you don’t. But things always change. The great solution for yesterday’s issues do not apply to today’s variations. By understanding and applying a formula instead, you are the solver of your own challenges (they are challenges, not problems)

Purposeful life management, steady mental health, positive relating, means seeing how change evolves in these areas of life and approaching them with self-generated wisdom, courage, and assurance. This is a tall order because it means that you must first have the confidence and courage to invite the unknown into the private sanctuary of your mind without letting it hurt. This is why you will see that I will focus first on building an immunity within you to the barbs that can come when you open yourself to the other, and to see change as a force that, though it can derail you, it can also elevate and build you if you know how to let it do so.

You will build your understanding through audio-visual discourses that dissect life, meaning, and your role as a cognitive being. It brings the written word to life using a verbal presentation aided by diagrams to explain the concepts.

I back it up in five unique forms. First, I offer explanatory videos on typical concerns you will encounter showing you how the Understanding Change process can make them easy and manageable.

Second, I provide several detailed articles that you can print and read at your leisure. That allows you to underline, read over, and also discuss the content so you can appreciate the direction better.

Third, I encourage you to contact me directly with any concern or question regarding your understanding of the discussions using a private message box that is secure and unique to each individual user.

Fourth, I have published a book that details the arguments offered here and also reveals the scientific references that have contributed to their development.

Fifth, and perhaps more immediately relevant to this service, I offer, using mental health professionals trained in this unique management style, audiovisual interactions that allow you to discuss, face-to-face, methods of using the Understanding Change technique to help your charges understand life.  You will first empower yourself.  Then you will empower others.  We will guide you as you go along.

Go through them as are categorized in the menu above.

be serious.  be adventurous. be ready to be master of your life and help others master theirs.

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