Inspire yourself.  Be stimulated to LIVE life positively

with vision, flexibility, and discernment

We want to hold your hand and guide you, but we also want to see you take off and feel accomplished.  They contradict each other, so we choose the latter.

You may feel that you are not up to it.  You may even feel that your state does not allow you to concentrate or do more than survive.  Yet, I will assure you that everyone, not matter how stagnant you may be at the moment, can  and should take the opportunity to become what we are all capable of being – mature, accountable entities of reason, intelligence and discernment.

We offer a unique form of guidance.  We wanted to make this technique of self-actualization as the primary goal in recovery available to as many people as possible.

You will be getting more one-on-one time with a qualified coordinator than you can get in traditional treatment facilities or support groups.  There is a well-defined focus and method of reaching it.

There is a fee for the full set of interactions, and I am sure you will agree that it is both fair and affordable.

The cost is $1500.00.  This is a fixed cost and allows you full access for a whole year without limitation to all our discourses plus audiovisual interaction with a personal advisor whenever you feel stuck or wish to explore a concern.  The advantage is that you can do all this in the privacy and convenience of home and at your time.  In addition, your advisor is a highly trained professional as you would see in a private office, but the single fee allows you access for a full year without limitation.  Usually, you will find that one year is more than you will need as you will have all the tools and will already have started to apply them.

Sometimes, you may discover that, though you are progressing, you may not have reached the final objective by the end of the year.  You may just allow it to progress at its pace and grow as you are able since you will have understood what you must do to elevate yourself.  You may just want to extend your access to our service as a personal insurance.  If this is your desire, we will accommodate you at a reasonable fee that is much smaller than the original.  Simply request it when the time is right.

We do not publish this as it is a rare request though it does exist.

When you click the REGISTER button below, you will be directed to the PayPal interface where you can create your username and password and be immediately redirected to the Full Guidance private pages. You can then see the new menu above and get to all the resources and guidance offered.

We choose to use PayPal as our banking connection so that your personal or credit information does not come to us and the full transaction is done outside of our website.  You do not have to be a member of PayPal.  It is only the merchant vendor for your credit card so that your information remains safe.  You may use it as a credit card payment platform.

Your invoice will be issued by Prometheum Institute.  We are a registered educational facility, registered and in good standing with the Department of Colleges and Universities of Ontario.

Thank you and welcome.

Start your journey to greater Self-Realization and Self-Empowerment.

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