To Rescue a Troubled Youth

is to teach that youth to believe in themselves in a way that is immutable to the barbs from life, and to face their reality with self-driven wisdom, confidence, and tact.

As a parent, guardian, teacher, or guide, you must know both the territory you are leading them through and the true knowledge, fears, and perception each works with.

You must know that these are individual traits.  They do not emerge from genetic, cultural, or social associations.

The territory is not what you see; it is what they see.

The person is not what you see; it is what they are… inside… hidden from view, even yours.

We know that there are three areas of life that are necessary for every person to know in order to feel confident and competent as the self-driven entity we are destined to be. –

  • the material reality or how physical live evolves and challenges us,
  • the social reality or how living and communing with others can stimulate or suffocate us , and
  • the existential reality or who we are, how we see ourselves.

The first is taught in schools.  The gaps left there are the result of their own attentiveness or distractions but are easily filled later.

The second is not taught.  Each youth is often left to fend for themselves with inconsistent or insufficient guidance.

The third can only be taught with logic and reason.  It is the most difficult for them to see without guidance but is the most satisfying when explored with logic and reason.

We will show you in guided, step-by-step lessons, how to know your youth, understand their vision, fears, and limitations, and know how to help them expand their vision of what they are, how much they can achieve, and why growing into that state of maturity and responsibility is not only necessary but is empowering and fulfilling.

It is not easy, but it is exciting and gratifying..

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