Inspire yourself.  Be stimulated to RELATE.

with vision, flexibility, and discernment

The cost of using the guidance offered here is both affordable and encompassing.  Because it is designed to give you insight and authority, I can allow you unlimited permanent access so you can return and review whenever you wish.  The fee for registration is only $200.00 CAD.  This allows you unlimited access to all the resources, guidance, and real-time interaction whenever you sign in.  We do encourage you to explore the information slowly and deeply so you get the full benefit of understanding the “formula”.  Please bookmark the website so you will remember to return and use it as much as you can.

When you click the REGISTER button below, you will be directed to the PayPal interface where you can create your username and password and be immediately able to return and use the resources of E-Mentorship provided at the level you have chosen. We choose to use PayPal as our banking connection so that your personal or credit information does not come to us and the full transaction is done outside of our website.

Thank you and welcome.

Register Now and Relate with Self-Initiated Discernment, Consideration, and Flexibility.

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