Our strategy is not to show you what to do but how you can do – with insight that you create when you feel most weak or uncertain.

and recovery is a period of uncertainty at a time of weakness!

No one can manage something effectively unless you understand it fully.  When you manage with understanding, management is easy.  You do not need anyone to lead or protect you.  When you  face life with insufficient understanding, management is difficult or even impossible and you need support or guidance.

We will first teach you to look within yourself, learn what was needed to give you depth of understanding, and what you may have missed in that development.

Do not worry, you are not alone in this. Everyone of us will have areas of life where we did not get either the guidance, opportunity, or encouragement to develop our understanding to great depth or rangey.

The secret is not to have understanding but to have the means to get understanding – on the fly – in good times or bad, in good health or poor, with good people or inconsiderate.

This means seeing how change evolves and approaching it with creativity and the courage to use it purposefully.   This is a tall order because it means that you must first have the confidence and courage to invite the unknown into your heart without letting it hurt. This is why you will see that we will focus first on showing you how to build an immunity within you to the barbs that can come when you open yourself to life.  Then we will show you how to see change as a force that, though it can derail you, can also elevate and build you if you know how to use it to do that.

The thrust and essential basis of the guidance is a series of audio-visual discourses that dissect life, meaning, and your role as a cognitive being. It brings the written word to life using an audiovisual presentation aided by diagrams to explain the concepts.

I back it up in five unique forms.

First, we offer explanatory videos on typical concerns you will encounter showing you how you can use the Understanding Change process to make them easy and manageable.

Second, we provide several detailed articles that you can print and read at your leisure. That allows you to underline, read over, and also discuss the content so you can appreciate the direction better.

Third, we encourage you to contact us directly with any concern or question regarding your understanding of the discussions using a private message box that is secure and unique to each individual user.

Fourth, we have published a book that details the arguments offered here and also reveals the scientific references that have contributed to their development. You may wish to read this after you finish the program.

Fifth, and perhaps more immediately relevant to this service, we offer audiovisual consultations in real time that allow you to explore, face-to-face, the discussions offered in the Understanding Change tutorials.  This is included as a complimentary part of membership at a frequency and number of meetings determined at the start of your journey with us.

examine the sections in the submenu above and then make a decision to take charge of your life – positively, purposefully, and confidently.

Explore how we will guide you to do it.


be serious.  be adventurous. be ready to be master of your life.