Our invitation is to enhance your recovery with dignity and self-assurance.

You have done or you are doing the hard part – stopping the bleed.

Now we will work on the sensitive part.  You can do both together.  They enhance each other.

But, like a child who still needs a parent to shield them while they grow up, so too you will need the support of your recovery team while you build your own strength.

You are not a child, however, but you are a human being who still and will always need to grow… until you die.

The big difference is that, now, you will be your own parent.

We will first teach you to look within yourself, learn what was needed to give you balance, and what you may have missed in that development.

Do not worry, you are not alone in this.  Everyone of us will have areas of life where we did not get either the guidance, opportunity, or encouragement to develop ourselves totally.

Our invitation is to see two things differently and use that to build a power within yourself that can be impervious to the forces that hurt and distract you.

One is that life is based on continuous, invisible, and pervasive change.  No matter how much you know, how well placed you are, or how much support or protection you have, you will be exposed to unprecedented and unpredictable change – in the world you occupy, in the health you know, and in the opinions and expectations of the people you live with, work with, or encounter.

The other is that every human being, everyone, has the near infinite potential to grow in insight, intelligence, and discernment.  But it is a power that has to be nurtured, energized, and developed.

be serious.  be adventurous. be ready – to be master of your life.

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