Our invitation is to recover your dignity and self-realization.

We work immediately on the feelings you cannot face comfortably.

Feelings drive the need to use, or escape your troubles, or soothe your pains.

It may seem so much easier to stifle those feelings.  A solution works immediately, even if it is not yours.

But that leaves you still vulnerable.

That’s why booze is so attractive.  So is the lure of chemicals or medications that either soothe or place you in an artificial state of relaxation… for a short while.

Look, anyone can manage anything if they understand it, even feelings.  But understanding is a power that only you can create within yourself.  And your creativity can be compromised when your feelings are hurt.

That is a catch 22.  The power to manage hurt feelings cannot be energized when feelings are hurt, and feelings are hurt more easily when the power of understanding is insufficient.

about our guidance

First, we meet with you, either face to face at our facilities in Toronto or on-line for a video conference.  We are even willing to meet you at your location.  Our first interview is an in-depth analysis – not of your using, but to search for the feelings that drive the using.  Your personal assessments or reasoning does not usually go deep enough.  That first meeting can last several hours.

After that meeting, you will understand why you have the need to use and how we can guide you to manage it.  We only ask that you approach that meeting in full sobriety or abstinence, even if only in preparation for the meeting.

We will then determine how to go about the next stage.  It does not have to be an uphill struggle, but it may take some work on both our parts. You will decide if you wish to proceed and how intensely you wish to do so.

Our final promise is that we will stay with you until you have pulled yourself up and dealt with the feelings that you have either suppressed or have endured.  You will have a freedom to discard your old habit without hard work or restraint.  You will do it because you want the freedom and natural contentment you have secured.

be serious.  be adventurous. be ready – to be master of your life.

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