The power that drives you is the power of how you think, create ideas

It is not from your physical strength, beauty, or stamina.

It is not from what you own or can buy.

It is not from who you know or how well regarded you may be in your community.

These are limited in scope and easily reduced by events or the actions of other people.

Mental strength is who you are.


You have to develop it.

It does not come with age, genetic or religious affiliation, or even with learned information.

It is something you have to build and keep building.  No one can know enough.  Thus when you are faced with what you don’t know, it is more an invitation to know more than a measure of what you did not know.

Its power is based on how you define yourself, how you build and strengthen your cognition or ability to think, the depth of your experience.  These  form your belief in yourself beyond “a physical body with the need to survive” and into that of seeing yourself as primarily “a thinking mind with the infinite capacity to grow, expand into all you can be”.

Therefore, you must know or learn to know that

…when what you have seems weak or insufficient, it is only because life’s challenges are changing at a pace that is greater than the mental strength you have at that time and in that situation.

…when you have it, you cannot feel too smug and stop growing – because change knows no master.  It will impact you as much as it will impact anyone else.

You cannot simplify life, not the physical reality, not the social reality, not your body.

You can only build the strength within you.  This is not something you may do.  It is something you MUST do.

So if you want to grow stronger, if you want to be a better manager of others including children, or if you just want to break free and…

seize life with more purpose, confidence, and vigor

escape the clutches of an addiction or bad habit,

take on responsibilities with excitement, not dread,

accept adversity with poise, not anger, frustration, or jealousy.

This book will show you how to understand the invisible, powerful you, understand your changing world of things and people’s impositions, and build the insight to appreciate life and enjoy it as it evolves and energizes you.

It is not something you can know naturally.  We all have to be taught it.  And  the teachers, those who are just a little ahead, are just as overwhelmed by the impact of today’s pace of change as are the learners.  We need more than fixed answers, more than solutions that once worked.  We need to know how to know, and do it as new events quickly make even the last solution passé.

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