The lessons are designed to empower you to be insightful in times of change and also to see more clearly into the fears and limitations of those you are required to lead or assist

and so help them to see life with greater clarity, wisdom, and personal sense of purpose.

One cannot manage something effectively unless one understands it fully.  The variables within another person’s mind can be as dark to your understanding as are the invisible activities that form and distort reality.

Usually you go to a family therapist to help with a marriage or family discord, consultants for a business problem, or a pastor or physician for personal issues. This assumes that another person may have a vision you don’t. But things always change. The great solution for yesterday’s issues conceived by the most astute mind does not apply to today’s variations. By understanding and applying a formula instead, you are the solver of your own challenges (they are challenges, not problems), creator of your own solutions for the event as it presents to you.

Understanding, however, is not just the acquisition of information. Rather, it is the enlightenment that comes when you are in tune with something, can see its evolution and can calculate why it happens and how it will change. It comes with the belief in yourself that you can generate new insights on the fly by always being prepared to look for new information, not by being filled with knowledge of what the ideal should be.  And managing in volatile conditions or dealing with people who face volatile conditions (especially youth who are facing a much different world than we knew) requires that you are able to search for insights that are not clearly visible and guide with the flexibility that only having a formula and a deep understanding of the territory can give you.

We offer a unique form of e-guidance. We do not hold your hand.  We do not presume that we are any wiser than you.  Instead, we provide four formats of interaction. There is a tutorial that is the thrust of the Understanding Change propositions. They are divided into nineteen separate discourses so you can examine, digest, and apply at your pace.  They propose a formula that allows you to, not just have a solution, but empower yourself to create your own solutions when they are necessary.  In addition, we offer audio-visual discussions on a variety of subjects to show how they can be seen when you see life with an acceptance of the naturalness of change. There are readings you can digest at your leisure. And finally, there is a private message box that allows you to communicate with us in real time to question, examine, or discuss a personal matter.

Examine samples of the various presentations in the new menu above and then make your decision to stimulate and expand your understanding in our world of complexity and change.

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