You manage naturally when your feelings are good. You mismanage or fail when your feelings are bad.


are the honest manifestations of how you see yourself – inside.

From happiness to confidence or from the opposite feelings of fear, loneliness, depression, anxiety, anger, unworthiness. They all reveal what you see within yourself.  They are normal.  Everyone has them.  (Even those who hide them do have those feelings).  Life is just the process of replacing those natural feelings with good feelings we learn to build.  It is okay to feel bad or sad, or lonely.  It is not okay to stay there.

So it behoves you to know how to get and keep good feelings.

You see, bad feelings are simply the absence of good feelings.

When you find yourself in darkness, do you remove the darkness?  Or do you turn on the light?

You understand that darkness is just the absence of light.  The same goes with feelings.

So bad feelings tell you about an absence within you.  You, therefore, must not hide them (through soothing or pretense), hide from them (through drugs – prescribed or experimental), or stifle them (punishment)

Instead, seek to discover what is absent and realize that is not a flaw.  We are born empty.  We are required to fill ourselves.  And that filling is not always done effectively or completely leaving what seems to be a flaw but is just an inherent emptiness we have not yet filled.

Life is the process of always filling and building that inner core, the essence that defines and empowers us.

Let me lead you through an examination of yourself – privately, personally, discreetly.  Let me show you how to build good feelings about you without condemning you or letting you condemn yourself for flaws that are our birthright.  Let me encourage and guide you to know yourself and understand how to use the challenges of life as raw material for your personal growth.

Let’s start by exploring change – the natural activity of the world that often scares you but is there to stimulate and empower you.

why change?

And what you can do to make yourself impervious.

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