Understanding – your most powerful attribute; Change – its most capable generator.

Understanding Change is a way of seeing reality as a purposeful array of perpetually changing conditions that are meant to stimulate us to develop insight, understanding, and authority.

It is intended to be empowering, not therapeutic, inviting the viewer to use it to…

  • be better able to lead others proactively, especially teens and young adults at home.
  • face the stresses of a difficult job, a trying relationship, an injury or acute illness.
  • pull or help pull someone else out of a morass of drug use, grief, low self-worth, uncertainty, or insecurity.

OUR MANDATE AS ADULTS is not to hide from life nor to subdue it.  It is to let it stimulate us to think, create ideas, be as wise as we can be.

OUR MANDATE AS PARENTS is not to protect our children from the vicissitudes of life, nor create a safe palce for them to hide.  It is to guide them to face a turbulent reality, think, create ideas, be as wise as they can be.

This is an invitation, therefore, to make living and show our children how to make l;iving more purposeful and satisfying.

not by seeking easier conditions

not by fighting off the tough ones

not by conciliating, just to cope or survive,

but by understanding life as a perpetually changing kaleidoscope of new opportunities we can use to build wisdom and ourselves as constructive minds, or souls, with a mandate to grow mentally, socially, ontologically to be the best we can be.

it will not give you solutions or specific directions.  Rather, it will show you how to place faith in your creativity and approach even strange, unappealing, or hostile conditions with reason, understanding and sound, intelligent judgment.

now look carefully at

that confront us (and our kids) and

that can free us (and them)

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