Every organic life-form is equipped with instinctual responses that allow it to react defensively when conditions affecting it become hostile or different.

From the smallest bacteria to the largest animal, this process occurs naturally.

We see them as the fright, flight, fight, frolic responses.

There are many ways each of these are manifested in the human being – fright as anxiety, phobias, insecurity; flight as procrastination, avoidance, escapism; fight as aggression, hostility, manipulation; frolic as play, irresponsibility, or the pursuit of pleasure including the use of drugs and alcohol, food, sex, toys.

The human being, however, is not just another life form.  We Think!

Thinking allows us to rise above instinctual responses and manage with logic and discernment.

With the ability to think, we create understanding, something that cannot just be transferred. Each person creates it to the degree he/she has learned. Until we do, we must use instinctual reactions.

In other words, we are born organic. We are invited to be human.

The more we use understanding the less we use instinct.  The less we use or the less we can use understanding, the more we must rely on instinct!

The logic here is that we can most effectively manage an unhealthy behaviour by seeing it as one of many types of instinctual responses and reducing it by building and relying more on understanding.

In times of change – whether occurring naturally or instigated by the instinctual action of other people – understanding can be compromised, even in the most astute person.

Therefore, I am offering you a formula so you always are able to take an apparently difficult challenge and make it simple.

Look at it this way.  You are trying to ‘see’ what is considered an abstract state using physical constructs.  This is difficult for anyone.  But look at it like learning a math equation.  Before it makes sense, the problem may seem complicated, impossible.  When you understand it, you get a feeling of having ‘vision’ into the equation and a pleasure in seeing how easily it resolves issues.  This is the same with any learning process.  When you have a problem you do not understand, it can seem huge, formidable.  When you understand it, it seems small.  But IT has not changed.  Your understanding has.

Now have a look at how I will guide you there.

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