We live in times of drastic, uncompromising, and unusual change.

Technology is solving yesterday’s problems but is creating new challenges that are greater, more unstable and more elusive than the ones they replace.

Communications media have allowed us to shut out undesired opinions but leave us less resilient and thus more vulnerable to the unkind word, the rebuff, or the dismissal from social connections we never made or encouraged.

Better understanding of the complexity of our bodies has allowed us to eschew spirituality and search for definitions of self within the body’s framework, leaving us without a more sophisticated identity while we wait for answers that may never come.

Nowhere is this more dangerous nor more in need of our logical input than with our youth, the human beings we are responsible to lead and empower.

Youth are at the cusp of adulthood.  They are willing to step into that arena.

But they are not yet prepared.

Youth are still building experience. They are green to the real challenges of life. Therefore, by inference, what they know is insufficient. This not the fault of the parents nor of their lack of effort, but because the reality they have to face is more tumultuous, more expansive, and more invasive than ever before.

Therefore, they revert to defensive tactics rather than purposeful management, reacting with intolerance, retreating to a more forgiving reality of virtual networking, computer gaming, or social isolation, or soothing themselves with drugs and the free use of alcohol.

We have to save them.  Are you ready to save yours?

Your job isn’t done when they’ve reached puberty.  It BEGINS at adolescence.

Would you like to better understand…

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