These guide us on how we should live.  But they can constrain us if we make them our master, not our tool


    We need them when we are weak. We are them when we are strong. We must use them sparingly and be one constructively.


    These are our safety nets, good to have but not to need.. 


Mental Strength - let's make it respectable and uncomplicated

What drives the human being to succeed?

Is it our physical strength and stamina, our financial strength, our social connections? Not really. The power of the human being lies in the power of our mind. That stays and grows, and belongs to us, the individual. It cannot be shared. It defines the person.

Our mental strength 
is our strength. Those other three attributes, namely the physical, the financial, and the social, can appear powerful, but they don’t always belong to the person and they can easily be destroyed or lost.

Mental strength! If you want to move forward, don’t waste time gathering those assets that can never really belong to you or trying to fix them when they fail. Instead, gather wisdom. So let’s talk about wisdom.
Wisdom is not just having the knowledge of all things; it is being capable of creating the knowledge – on the fly. How ican anyone develop that ability to create knowledge on the fly? It is easy, but it requires three qualities. Let’s examine them and know how to grasp them, expand them, and own them.
Start now and learn how to build wisdom to let you face your challenges with confidence, clarity, and purpose..