These guide us on how we should live.  But they can constrain us if we make them our master, not our tool


    We need them when we are weak. We are them when we are strong. We must use them sparingly and be one constructively.


    These are our safety nets, good to have but not to need.. 


You are invited to a unique opportunity to MANAGE more purposefully by building and securing your MENTAL STRENGTH 

Everyone has the ability to manage purposefully in any area of life… because we all have the capacity to think and so create answers appropriate to the challenge.  That is our Mental Strength.  Mental Strength and Mental Health are not the effective treatment of mental illness.  They are achievements we all can reach.  
But when conditions change, when people introduce new demands or different expectations, and when our ability to do becomes weakened by disease or injury, anyone’s mental strength can easily be exceeded and, therefore stretched, sometimes to breaking point.

When that happens, what we want is someone to give us that strength through empathy.  But that depends on the experience, expertise, and availability of the advisor, and their ability to get into our private psyche.  What we really need, however, is insight, a depth of understanding appropriate to the challenge.

Understanding Change offers you a formula to achieve just that.  It shows you how to feel comfortable in new or challenging conditions and how to appreciate your own capabilities for examining and understanding them.   In essence, it shows you how to be your own master. No one, not even the most astute professional, can ever be greater than you. They may know more because they searched more, a feat you can accomplish too.  I, therefore, cannot assume I can advise you in this series of discussions, but I can show you how to conduct and advise yourself.  Let’s start.  
Here is a short exposition of what I want to offer you.   OUR PROGRAM  

After you read it, read about the
VALUE SYSTEMS, COPING STRATEGIES, SUPPORT SYSTEMS that we all use and sometimes become enslaved to.

OUR MISSION, OUR VISION, AND OUR INVITATION to see what we have to offer.  

and use the site to view a discussion for fifteen minutes per day for twenty days and see how easily you will start managing more positively, confidently, and purposefully.  You will learn, not how to treat a presumed illness or suppress an unhealthy behaviour, but how to reach for strength... yours, when you need it, as often as you need it. Welcome.