Recovery is more than abstinence.  It is the establishment or restoration of dignity, discernment, self-worth.

Go beyond abstinence.  Move toward the realization of self as a formidable force of reason, understanding, and calm in a reality of uncertainty and strife.

First, understand that an addiction did not cause you to lose control of your life.

You are addicted because you did not have full control.

Therefore, it is important to get that full control even if you have successfully stopped the habit – or you might be left where you were mentally, still vulnerable to losing control and reverting to the same or new unhealthy options.

Full control over yourself and your feelings is not automatic.  It is learned and developed.  Without it, there will always be a struggle, a struggle for control because

You may not have been taught completely to develop it in all areas of life

You may have been taught to perfect your control only in specialized areas

You were provided the reprieve through privilege or forbearance.

Full control, however, can be developed anytime.  It is based, not on knowing, but in knowing how to know – as conditions change.

It needs education in the power of self and the capricious unpredictability of reality, an exercise that can be done while you live within the space you occupy and must learn to manage in order to succeed, or at the least, survive.

Therefore, addiction management, your addiction management, does not have to be within the persistent control or protection of rigid supervision.  You can elevate yourself, anytime, to be a normal, natural, purposeful adult with the right focus and direction.

This is  an invitation to consider doing more than treat a disease or constrain a behaviour, but to go the next step and expand your depth of insight, range of management, and capacity to be calm and collected even in times of adversity and uncertainty.

If you truly want to sustain your recovery AND be happy from within, do yourself a favor and empower yourself to go BEYOND RECOVERY to realistic self-management.

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