Is this your life?

or that of someone you love?

Do you want to change it?

without making this your life?

Then, look deeper than stopping the habit.  Your habit is only an escape, either from something you don’t want or to something you don’t have.

The most common and most severe need to escape lies within you, escaping from feelings of emotional pain, emptiness, or boredom, or escaping to feelings of gratification you cannot get naturally.

It is, therefore, most important to discover, define, and develop a solution for this underlying problem before or in addition to withdrawal from the behaviour.  Otherwise you are still vulnerable to relapse or to living the rest of your life in perpetual restraint.

The real solution lies within you, but you must be guided to discover and apply it.

Restraint is not recovery.

Recovery is the act of restoring your life, not just leaving a distraction.  It can and should be the recovery or re-establishment of dignity and composure and the ability to maintain them in states of stress and responsibility.

You see, no one starts using drugs, alcohol, gambling, or other pastimes because they are addicted.  They start because these options offer a distraction or release – from stress, fear, fatigue, pain, boredom – at a time when they could not deal with these challenges effectively.  Unless you, or anyone, can develop the acumen to face these challenges with composure and discernment, you have not recovered; you have only survived!

The problem

An addiction happens because, as the easy escape keeps you from facing the conditions that hurt or are boring, it also stops you from keeping pace with them as they change or evolve.  So you keep falling behind.  And needing the escape hatch more and more, just to survive.

Then, stopping the escape only leaves you still vulnerable and easy prey to relapse.

Knowing yourself and how to adjust your understanding to confront issues, opinions, expectations, or allegiances as they change can give you the real power to want to LIVE, not just survive.  As you want life, there is less need to run from it.  THAT is the best and ONLY way to beat an addiction!

Therefore, we do not just encourage you to abstain from the object of your addiction, leaving the weakness or addictive needs unchecked. Instead, we help you manage the addictive needs or weakness by being comfortable in life – as life is. YOU stop the activity or reduce it because you no longer need it, or you no longer use it to the level of an addiction or weakness.

This is our unique difference, and it is the source of both the effectiveness of our work and the speed of reaching our objective.

Anyone is vulnerable.  We invite you if you are in trouble and really want to get out.

We invite you if you are the parent of a teen in trouble and want to know how to help.

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