The most challenging and yet most necessary and intimately sensitive responsibility of the human experience.


Whether in business with other members of the team…

Aging gracefully with a life partner…


Guiding a young family, teen, or young adult…

With peers you don’t know or those you know…


In a marriage or relationship that may be buckling under life stresses…

Or journeying through life figuring out your next move…

the ability to relate congenially can make or break any intimate, business, or social connection.

We need it, but we need it to be good.

When it is good, it can be a positive, stimulating experience that imparts good feelings, powerful desires, and productive actions.

We often, however, just leave it to chance, force our way through it, or seek direction when it begins to fall apart.

Because we are rarely taught how look for its obstacles and overcome them seamlessly.

It is time, if you are ready, to make your relationship work BEFORE it starts to fall apart.

It took society thousands of years to understand the physical world and teach us how to deal with some of its challenges… if we pay attention and learn.

We are now beginning to get an understanding of the body, and we are still learning. It was not generally taught us in the past (except to those who studied it) but the information is now getting more readily available.

But the machinations of the human mind is still an enigma.

No one has taught us, and we have not yet started to unravel it.

Therefore, many of us fly by the seat of our pants.  We expect the other person to be more understanding (while they expect it of us).

We guess at what we should do… and expect the other to understand.

And we get into trouble – in business, in intimate relationships, in family dynamics, in social settings.

This exploration in this website will not tell you what to do. It will, instead show you how to appreciate the true value of the independent and powerful mind. Then, it will show you how to immunize yourself so you can explore the other person’s differences without letting the discoveries hurt you. Finally, it will show you how to do it without hurting the other person.

Our technique is exploration and discussion, not giving solutions. You get those yourself. So let us start with a seemingly unrelated question…

why change?

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