Understanding – your most powerful attribute; Change – its most capable generator.

Understanding Change is a way of seeing reality as a purposeful array of perpetually changing conditions that are meant to stimulate us to develop insight, understanding, and authority.

It shows the human spirit as a real existence destined to benefit from the energy of that activity.

It sets out to prove that we get that benefit by examining all alterations as the addition of new information we are invited to explore and incorporate.

Understanding gives us wisdom and a greater perspective on the next challenge that also can elevate us cognitively, constructively, and authoritatively, both in the existing reality and in the realization of self as a spiritual being.

Understanding Change is intended to be empowering, not therapeutic though it encourages you from all levels of function that requires empowerment…

  • aiming to be more successful
  • facing the stresses of a difficult job, a trying relationship, an injury or acute illness.
  • pulling yourself out of a morass of drug use, grief, low self-worth, uncertainty, or insecurity.

This is an invitation to make life easier and more satisfying,

not by running away from challenges

not by fighting them off

not by conciliating, hoping to be spared,

but by learning to take authority over yourself and so, do because you feel empowered, rather than hoping to be empowered by doing even that which you do not understand.

it will not give you solutions.  Rather, it will show you how to keep your cool and use your creativity even in strange, unappealing, or hostile conditions.

now look at

that confront us and

that can free us

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