What Are People Coming To?

 In personal management

More and more, it seems the easier and more liberally considered option when someone feels uncomfortable with the world is to see the world as the fault instead of looking for what they can do within themselves to become more attractive or acceptable. We are seeing hate toward others, anger, rebellion (now directed at women for not being easily and naturally accepting). We have, in the past, seen people choosing to disconnect themselves from what they see as an unaccepting reality using a variety of chemicals or alcohol to effect that disconnection. We have seen people who emphasize their feelings of victimism, they were rejected because of some visible difference. These reactions have all been present in society. They are not new. What is new is the sense of entitlement. People feel they have the right to stay as they are and that the world must learn to accept them that way.
Let’s face it. Who has never been turned down by a person who does not want an intimate relationship with them? Man to woman, woman to man, or even man to man or woman to woman. In the past, most of us will retreat, not to avoid all contact, but to look at ourselves, see what we lacked or needed to improve and do that. then, we’d come back again. It goes for everything. Look at J. K. Rowling – rejected 12 times before eventually published. Stephen King, 30 times, Agatha Christie, 4 years. They did not just disconnect, feel victimized, or burn down publishing houses. They retreated, regrouped, and retried.

I have looked in the past at so many drug users who started just to avoid having to face physical or existential pain. The initial exploration was never an addiction, always a search to escape some aspect of life in which they did not feel comfortable or accepted. Victimism has been the same. We can all point to the unfairness of an imposition or rejection. These happen. We have to look within ourselves and figure out how to deal with the situation. Now hate vitriol. To the person, the act is justified because the world has hurt them. But they did not use that hurt to look within and build themselves to be more capable.

I know these opinions will be challenged, but I stand by them. Life, by design, is meant to be a forge from which we must emerge, not a sate of calm that cannot last more than a millisecond. We must learn from its challenges, not seek to find succor within its embrace. That embrace cannot be lastingly soothing. People have always risen to the challenge and a smaller number have always stayed stagnant and reacted to the world. It is just that the percentages appear to have been reversed.

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