Mental stimulation is a virtual exercise, even in the physical presence of a mentor.

Use it here to your fullest advantage.


his audiovisual connection for registered clients allows you to have a consultation with an advisor to explore a concern or expand your insight into a process.

It is not meant to be a therapy session. Nonetheless, we are qualified professionals with either a psychology or medical background and experience in the recovery field. We will focus, however, on directing you to interpret and apply the lessons so you become more cognizant of the tools you need and how to build them. Though you may believe it should take a long time, you will be pleasantly surprised with the rapidity of your recovery and the determination you will have for becoming fully “self-actualized”.

You can even book a consultation before making your decision in the calendar below or through a personal request using the form to the right.

Once you have registered, you can also use the Private Message Box as a quick and convenient option to ask a question without incurring the expense of an audiovisual conference.  It is still secure, discreet, and personal. You may get a quick answer to a short question there. If we believe that a more detailed interaction is necessary, we will suggest a video meeting.

You may request an audiovisual consultation here.  We will set up the appointment you request and send the link to you.


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