Understanding Change is a formula, not just a solution

So you can create your own solutions going forward.

not just rely on someone else to take you there.


egin exploring the journey of discovery and examination that will guide you, just as the book does but with audiovisual content, in unravelling the abstract and building your own visual constructs to make what may seem to be a difficult journey into an exciting and stimulating one.   I will examine, in some detail, conditions that you will naturally miss while you have lived through the big picture. I will be leading you down an unfamiliar path, one that seems hard to grasp  but which begins to unfold and become tantalizing as you get deeper into it.  So what these lessons will be doing is trying to make a hard thing easy. We will repeatedly show you that life is complex, but it should not be complicated.

Please view this introductory video to get an idea of how I will discuss it with you.  Of course I will be discussing ideas in the abstract, but this is to allow you to create your own interpretations, not follow pictures I will create for you.  You will see this more clearly as you go along.  Remember, it is a journey, not a race.

to self-realization and self-empowerment

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be serious. be adventurous. be ready – to be master of your life.