When things go bad, when another person is reacting with hostility or indifference, when life just seems too confusing or too demanding…

Do you find yourself

  • getting angry or manipulative, reacting with indifference, or trying harder to please without understanding the reason for the demands?

  • feeling overwhelmed and beaten, and just giving in to despair and existential emptiness?

This is not relapse.  They are only the hints that your areas of weakness are being tested.  You need to identify them and build the insights to manage above them… NOW!

It is in each person, how you deal with a reality that is always changing, always presenting new, unprecedented, or even undesirable conditions. Bad things WILL happen. A loving spouse WILL be dissatisfied. Times WILL be tough.

Would you like to be able to step back, analyze the situation and create a solution without feeling compromised?


Or examine first

This is an invitation to those who want to move forward with confidence, not just remove a habit or treat a condition in isolation.