Let us take you on a journey

of rediscovery

of life

of a grounded destination of self-realization and self-actualization

We want to hold your hand and guide you, but we also want to see you take off and feel accomplished.  They contradict each other, so we choose to guide you to do the latter.

You may feel that you are not up to it.  You may even feel that your state does not allow you to concentrate or do more than survive.  Yet, I will assure you that everyone, no matter how stagnant you may be at the moment, can  and should take the opportunity to become what we are all capable of being – mature, accountable entities of reason, intelligence and discernment.

We offer a unique form of guidance.  It is a technique of self-actualization as the essential goal in recovery, one you can aim for as your main goal, or as the extension to an abstinence-based program.

You will get guidance in many ways – through self-exploration, self-examination, and the assistance of one-on-one time with a qualified advisor through a secure, private audiovisual conference interface .  There is a well-defined focus and method of reaching it.

Go through the descriptions and samples in the new menu above so you know how we will interact to make your journey both pleasant and successful.

It is your journey.  This is not therapy, but we will help you understand the exercises you must do in order to master your own life.

It will also allow you to book a video conference with us so you can ask questions or describe your needs.

What you will get.

Membership  allows you unlimited access to all resources on the site including the full audiovisual tutorials, updated discussions on application, essays, and the private message box that allows you to use written communications to let us assist you in your interpretations of the discussions.  You are encouraged to go over them again after you are finished as you will find that, as you begin to see many things differently, you will also see these discussions differently and will get different insights when you view them again.

In addition, you can request an audiovisual discussion that is carried along a secure, private corporate connection.  These discussions are free and are meant to explain how you can apply the information, ask questions that will let us help you understand the application, and explore your own journey to full recovery.  We will not show you how to avoid the things you find oppressive, but we will show you how to deal with difficult challenges and demanding people.    We offer them without restriction to back up our word that, by learning to see yourself better from the inside, you will require less ongoing support.  Thus, you can master your life going forward even after recovery – or just face a frightening future if you are not in recovery.  We only ask that you use this free service judiciously.

The advantage of both the audiovisual consultation and the structured guidance through e-learning is that you can do all this in the privacy and convenience of home and at your time.

You will have two choices for membership – full membership that allows you perpetual access to the site and all support, and monthly membership that gives the same for a limited period of one month.  This latter can be reactivated as many times as you wish.


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