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he private message box is a unique communications device. It allows you, when you are a registered member, to communicate with us in real time and in complete privacy. No one, except you and an administrator on this site, will be able to access your communications. You can ask any question in any detail pertaining to your understanding of the lectures or your application of them without concern that it may be intercepted or read by another unqualified person. You will not see what any other person will discuss and no one else will see what you ask or the answers you will get.  This is not an open forum.  We do not offer counselling but we will attempt to show you how Understanding Change can be applied to your concerns.

The communications are not sent to you. You must login in order to read or send. You read them on our server which is 256 bit encrypted and is a standalone server, not shared. Each member has a private message box that remains yours and is archived or destroyed when you decide to terminate your membership. We will not give you a sample here but you will be able to see and use it when you are a full member.

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