• Albert de Goias Developer, Author, Advisor

    Albert de Goias is trained as a physician and practiced in Ontario from 1975 to 2015, first as a family physician and then, since 1990, as an addictions specialist. In 2015, Albert retired his medical license to concentrate his efforts toward bringing the different but highly successful model of rational recovery directly to the public, publishing the book, and now providing the e-learning platform. Albert is privileged to have been granted emeritus status with the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

  • Andrea de Goias
    Andrea de Goias Researcher/Advisor

    Andrea grew up in Hungary where she learned under the guidance of a physician father and pharmacologist mother. She developed great interest early in life in philosophy and The Arts and became an avid and knowledgeable contributor to the arguments proposed by the great philosophers whom she studied intently for her undergraduate courses. At that time she developed a keen perception for the place of arts and movies as interactive tools that allowed her clients to see themselves objectively by analyzing characters in any of these elements. Her knowledge of the angst that famous painters, poets, composers and dancers experienced as they went through both the development of their skills into uncharted territory and their method of communicating through those skills gave a totally different perspective on the trials of communicating in all areas of life. Her later development of an application that allowed her to engage people as an addiction counsellor and have them see themselves differently as well as seeing a hope or purpose in life beyond running away into the dissociation chemicals provided thrust her into a different and exciting area of guidance and counselling.


Relate with Self-Initiated Discernment, Consideration, and Flexibility.