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Prometheum Institute invites you to consider the Understanding Change approach to personal management, an innovative and effective way to manage or reverse Mood and Behaviour alterations.


Understanding Change is a different way of looking at mood and behaviour alterations. Instead of following traditional thinking that considers these alterations – depression, apathy, insecurity, anger, irritability, manipulation, jealousy, alcoholism, drug abuse, or addictions as diseases or moral failings and then attempt to treat, suppress, or restructure them, the Understanding Change approach sees them as normal and necessary responses taken to excess.

Therefore, they are neither bad nor wrong.  They are only abnormal when they are taken to excess.

These normal responses only become wrong when we have to use them to excess just to cope or simply survive.  Aggression, for example is good when we have to confront a threat.  It is wrong when we rely on it too easily, too often, or too severely.  Then it becomes hostility.  so is eating, drinking, sexual activity, shopping, etc., useful and often necessary if used in moderation and appropriately.  The same condition that can evoke anger or insecurity can instead evoke feelings of intellectual stimulation or even compassion.  So we  do not need to ‘unchange’ the presenting condition; we learn to adapt to the stresses by understanding and anticipating the forces that create them - change... in life responsibilities, health, other people's impositions and expectations.


Understanding Change offers a method of exploring change from a detached, rational perspective so that management is done positively and does not evoke those mood and behaviour alterations that can hamper success or evoke feelings of fear, oppression, or dissatisfaction.

Come in.  Explore. Use one of our services and strike forward with self-generated confidence, determination and satisfaction.

Then, call us for an appointment to discuss how we can help you privately, discreetly, and positively.