So, you have kicked the habit or are kicking it?

That is good, but what is your staying power?

Do you know that over 60% of people will relapse within the short term?

How can you save yourself?

Relapse is not a failure to stay abstinent.

It is a failure to recover and rebuild your inner strength!

First, understand that an addiction did not cause you to lose control of your life.

You are addicted because you did not have full control.

So, if you just remove the escape hatch without also discovering and fixing the flaws in the depth and range of your understanding – of life, of people, of yourself – there will always be situations that will stretch you, erode your personal control, and leave you vulnerable to seeking your familiar or other escape.

You see, flaws are part of everyone’s life.  They aren’t evidence of mental illness or mental deficiency.

We are all born empty and we fill the areas we are exposed to, or have guidance to explore.  So we are always catching up.

The problem is that life today will never let us stay in our comfort zones.  Everyone will be challenged in areas where we do not feel comfortable and are apt to lose control.

So the secret is not in finding and staying in a comfort zone.  It is in knowing how to diagnose the flaws, fill them, and be always able to keep control or get it when it seems weakened.

It is in defining and expanding your comfort zones!

This ability is based, not on knowing, but in knowing how to know – as conditions change.

It needs education in the realization of the power of self (self-realization) and understanding of the capricious unpredictability of reality (self-actualization).

It can be achieved anytime, but it needs your patience and participation.